A Publicly Traded Holding Company

About Us

Tailored Services to Your Needs

VizConnect Inc. is a Publicly Traded Portfolio Holding Company which guides companies around the world by providing first class business development consulting services. Our business model aims to increase shareholder value through real estate acquisition, equity building, revenue generation and acquiring assets through the issuance of preferred stock. Our talented and experienced Team is driven to help customers increase value, maximize existing capabilities, improve shareholder performance and profitability, increase cost efficiency and simplify business strategy and execute roadmaps.

Under the guidance of a seasoned Management Team, VizConnect Inc. seeks to make a positive impact on businesses and communities while leveraging creative acquisition strategies and innovative business concepts in order to promote rapid market growth and maximized value for investors and shareholders.

VizConnect Inc. is committed to investing in undervalued real estate assets, forward leaning, disruptive technologies and to incubate startup companies while working to provide a substantial return to investors through leveraging existing strategic alliances and newly secured capital resources.

Our Core Mission

VizConnect, Inc. specializes in guiding companies with strategic business development consulting services. The Company’s portfolio of services includes real estate acquisition and development, equity building, revenue generation and asset acquirement. VizConnect’s phase one of its strategic business roadmap is targeting four key industry sectors and focusing its’ core economic growth pillars in the areas of real estate development, green energy production, pharmaceutical and disruptive advanced technologies, including AI initiatives and blockchain-based platform solutions, offering broad market engagement and diverse opportunities for partnership and growth. The company’s experienced Team is driven to increase customers’ value, maximizing existing capabilities, improving shareholder performance and profitability, increasing cost efficiencies, optimizing business workflow processes through continuous improvement analysis and simplifying business strategies for successful outcomes.

Our Vision

Viz = VISION to see the future and to have the foresight within key industry sectors to be disruptive.

Connect = CONNECTIONS to build the partnering relationships that forge long-term trust and loyalty that supports real sustainable growth.

VizConnect = The Vision to see the future while providing the Connective Partnerships to take advantage of it now!!