A Publicly Traded Holding Company


Temba Mahaka - CEO

Temba Mahaka is a highly accomplished professional with a remarkable 28-year career at Cardinal Health, a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler. His journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication and expertise. Throughout his tenure, Temba held pivotal roles, including successful management of Retail Teams, adept Information Technology responsibilities and significant contributions leading Development Teams that focused on Business Workflow Optimization and Continuous Improvement initiatives. Temba’s commitment to Operational Excellence earned him the prestigious “Chairman’s Award” twice over, highlighting his dedication to efficiency and excellence.

For the subsequent 16 years, Temba excelled as a Pharmaceutical Business Consultant, consistently ranking among the company’s Top Performers and receiving multiple Honors and Awards. Temba’s extensive industry knowledge and experience solidified his position as a Trusted Advisor and a driving force behind the company’s success. Temba brings a comprehensive range of skills, broad expertise and diplomatic management style making him an invaluable asset to any Organization.


Temba also has an extensive Real Estate background and the collaborative work style that brings parties together, allowing him to navigate very complex deal points and assembling large Real Estate transactions.

Temba holds a Degree in Business, complementing his Institutional and Industry knowledge, as well as, his experience in being able to identify and unlock the hidden Value Propositions within a Company positioning it for Upside Growth.

Aimee Garneau- CFO

Aimee Garneau is a seasoned finance professional with a proven track record of excellence in the realm of accounting and financial management.

Aimee has overseen serval dynamic teams and ensures the seamless execution of financial processes. Her leadership style is characterized by a collaborative approach, fostering a culture of efficiency and accuracy within the accounting department.

Aimee is passionate about leveraging technology to streamline accounting processes and enhance overall efficiency. She stays at the forefront of industry advancements, implementing cutting-edge solutions to drive innovation within the accounting services domain.

Aimee holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and bachelor’s degree in accounting showcasing her commitment to continuous learning and staying abreast of industry trends. With a solid foundation in accounting principles and financial analysis, she has successfully navigated complex financial landscapes, providing invaluable insights to drive business growth.

Paul Cooleen - Emeritus Advisor

Mr. Cooleen has over 20 years of experience as an interdealer broker in the Bond Market. Paul started his Wall Street career in 1987 at ICAP in New York City in the US Government Bond Market and helped build a successful Treasury Bill Desk until 2003. In January of 2003 Paul moved his family to Maine and bought a restaurant in the Mid -Coast region. After renovating, staffing, and managing the business for three years he sold the property and business and reentered the bond market back in New York.

While in New York, Paul started a Mortgage Bond and CDS/ABX Index Desk at BGC Partners a subsidiary of Cantor Fitzgerald. As the mortgage market began to meltdown and the fail rate of banks began to rise, Mr. Cooleen saw an opportunity to start a desk that would buy bank asset paper from the FDIC and sell it out to the Wall Street Market. Mr. Cooleen has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from Plymouth State University and resides in Falmouth Maine.

Ed Carroll - Emeritus Advisor

After spending more than 20 years in media, Mr. Carroll is an Associated Press and Emmy award winning on-air personality, Ed has appeared on local television newscasts in Boston and throughout New England as well as the CBS Evening News and spent many years producing and appearing in weathercasts, news features and special programs. Ed has spent the last several years assisting companies in strategic marketing and sales strategies specifically in the Ed Tech space. Ed has a communications degree from Plymouth State University in New Hampshire