VizConnect, Inc. (VIZC – OTC) Announces Temba Mahaka as its New Chief Executive Officer with proven track record to lead the Company into the Future.

Paul Cooleen, long-time CEO of the Company, is handing over the “Leadership Baton” to his successor, Temba Mahaka.  Paul Cooleen stated, “After an extensive executive search process, we have the absolute pleasure of bringing on new executive leadership, who is well-positioned to lead VizConnect, Inc. to its next levels of business growth.”  Paul will stay on as an emeritus advisor providing ongoing consulting services to the Company. 

Temba Mahaka, the new Chief Executive Officer of VizConnect, Inc., stated, “I am delighted to be at the helm of a Company poised for such explosive growth and to bring my experience and wisdom forward to steer the Company to execute upon its visionary business roadmap.”

Temba Mahaka is a highly accomplished professional with a remarkable 28-year career at Cardinal Health, a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler. His journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication and expertise. Throughout his tenure at Cardinal Health, Temba held pivotal roles, including successful management of retail teams, adept information technology responsibilities and significant contributions leading development teams that focused on business workflow optimization and continuous improvement initiatives. Temba’s commitment to operational excellence earned him Cardinal Health’s prestigious “Chairman’s Award” twice over, highlighting his dedication to efficiency and excellence.

Temba also has an extensive real estate background and the collaborative work style that brings parties together, allowing him to navigate very complex deal points and assemble large real estate transactions.

Temba holds a degree in Business, complementing his institutional and industry knowledge, as well as his experience in being able to identify and unlock the hidden value propositions within an organization while positioning it for upside growth.  Temba will use these talents going forward to unlock the value within VizConnect, Inc. to the benefit of the Company’s shareholders and investment partners.

About VizConnect, Inc.:

VizConnect, Inc. specializes in assisting companies with world-class business development consulting services.  The company’s portfolio of services includes real estate acquisition, equity building, debt removal, revenue generation, and asset acquirement.  The company’s experienced team is driven to increase customers’ value, maximizing existing capabilities, improving shareholder performance and profitability, increasing cost efficiencies, optimizing workflow processes through continuous improvement and simplifying business strategies for successful outcomes.

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Temba Mahaka – CEO of VizConnect, Inc.