VizConnect, Inc. Announces Strategic Business Plan Roadmap

Strategic Business Roadmap and Vision Statement VizConnect, Inc has incubated a strategy under the newly announced CEO, Temba Mahaka, CFO Aimee Garneau and the current Board of Directors to leverage their collective experience to identify undervalued opportunities to acquire minority and/or majority ownership interests in well-established operating companies that have been uncovered from their extensive national networks and contacts of the new leadership.

The initial industry sectors that VizConnect will be of focused on are that of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, real estate development, real estate investment, new disruptive technologies including AI (Artificial Intelligence) Initiatives and related entities. Additional operating Companies will be sought out that generate attractive current revenues, earnings and free cashflow on an opportunistic basis. Oftentimes, privately held companies do not have the visibility or the ability to obtain the same business valuation as a public company may provide. This allows the potential for a privately held company to negotiate a reasonable current valuation for VizConnect to purchase a stake in the subject company, which could provide additional upside to the business owner if the VizConnect’s stock increases in value while also allowing the business owner to retain majority control.

This business model is similar to Berkshire Hathaway’s in the sense of placing an emphasis on uncovering established privately held companies that have the potential to be more valuable as part of the overall VizConnect Inc’s investment portfolio. The acquisitions can be pursued through many avenues including but not limited to stock swap agreements, debt for acquisition, seller financing, as well as, equity raising efforts. The overarching goal is to build VizConnect into a fully self-sustaining company from its focus on providing value-added business consulting services to these operating companies. The business model championed by Warren Buffet at Berkshire Hathaway is proven and works. In the words of Warren Buffet, “PRICE is what you pay, VALUE is what your get.”

Temba Mahaka, CEO of VizConnect is firmly convinced that “By uncovering the hidden value and delivering enhanced consulting and business development services, VizConnect can significantly boost the growth of its family of companies well into the future.”

Vision Statement:

VIZ = VISION to see the future and to have the foresight within key industry sectors to be disruptive.

CONNECT = CONNECTION Building the strategic partner relationships that forge long-term trust and loyalty that supports real growth.

VIZCONNECT = The Vision to see the future and providing the Connective Tissue to take advantage of it!!

About VizConnect, Inc.:
VizConnect, Inc. specializes in assisting companies with world-class business development consulting services. The company’s portfolio of services includes real estate acquisition, equity building, debt removal, revenue generation, and asset acquirement. The company’s experienced team is driven to increase customers’ value, maximizing existing capabilities, improving shareholder performance and profitability, increasing cost efficiencies, optimizing workflow processes through continuous improvement and simplifying business strategies for successful outcomes.

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